George Immerwahr’s Memoirs

Editor's Introduction

This volume has been compiled from a series of e-mail messages, sent to me by George Immerwahr in the fall of 2003.  Taken together, these e-mails provided an autobiography of a life that spanned the twentieth century.  Even what we have here is incomplete. George has told us only a little, for example, of the time he and Jean spent in Kenmore, Washington.  They spent many years living together there, made wonderful friends, and also traveled extensively during that period.  He has only briefly mentioned his two retirement careers: consultant, mentor, and friend to all at the University of Washington, Demography Center, and tutor to hundreds of children, especially at his beloved Kenmore Elementary School.  However, I decided to publish what George had sent so far, assuming that later editions will include the subsequent material.  

The central theme of this short book, of course, is George's sixty-four year marriage to his wife Jean, who died peacefully on January 18, 2003. Indeed, George started these reflections as a story about his love for Jean, their courtship, marriage, and their family.  He originally prepared this as a private reflection, including some material that he did not want to be made public.  The material sounded so interesting that we begged him to prepare a public version to supplement the e-mails. 

The e-mails themselves required very little editing.  They were written in George's usual style: clear; well written; and with a great eye for detail.  As editor, all I did was to rearrange them in a chronological sequence.

I did add the title, "I Dream of Jeanie."  My father and mother always spoke of how Jean's brother Ed Moulton had sung this lovely song at their wedding.  At Jean's memorial service, we showed the video of their wedding on that beautiful June day sixty-four years ago.  At the memorial service Ed sang this song again.   Since it had been a theme song of their lives, I thought it would be a good title for the book as well.

Just as we were completing this book, my father reviewed The Christian Science Journal to see the poems my mother had published in the Journal over the years.   Some of these poems were also included in her volume, Sunlit Flight, but others were not included in that volume.   As an appendix to this volume we have included all of Jean's poems that were published in the Journal.

John Immerwahr

Rosemont, 2003

I Dream of Jeanie

George E. Immerwahr
with a collection of

Poems by
Jean Immerwahr

January, 2004

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