I Love India’s Cooking
by Jean Immerwahr

“I Love India’s Cooking,” by Jean Immerwahr consists of 30 favorite recipes, simplified and adapted for non-Indian cooks everywhere, especially in the US.  To learn more about Jean’s travels in India, visit George Immerwahr’s memoirs.

Each of these Indian recipes has been simplified for use by the American cook, with ingredients readily available in American grocery stores.

Below is the book’s original table of contents.  Recipes will be added to this website weekly.

Table of Contents


Dal Soup (split peas)

Cabbage Bhaji

Cauliflower and Peas

Curried Baked Beans

Eggplant Curry

Curried Lentils

Bengali Potatoes

Potato Curry

Curried Spinach

Squash and Coconut

Peas and Panir


Garam Masala


Puris and Chapatis

Panir (Indian Cheese)

Yogurt with Vegetables (Raita)

Two Chutneys

Mango or Mixed Fruit Chutney


Semolina Pudding

Carrot Halwa

Semolina Halwa

Meats, Fish and Chicken

Chicken Korma

Curried Fish or Chicken

Ground Beef (Keema)

Lamb and Cabbage Curry

Curried Liver

Curried Beans / Chicken Livers

Meat Balls (Kooftah)

Mutton Stew

Mutton or Chicken Do-Pyazz


Rice with Vegetables (Pilau)

Partified Rice