Jean Immerwahr’s Poems

All of these poems were published in The Christian Science Journal

His Holy Plan   
1958, p.541                        

There is a goal, a place for safe arriving;        

To reach it, all must pass beneath the rod

There stillness shall take the place of striving;

Meekness and love shall know the things of God.


Think not thy struggles are for nought.       

Thy Shepherd takes thee in when thou art ready.

To drop the hidden error in thy thought.             

There is a nest, a promised peace awaiting,

A radiant joy to know and share with men.

Fear not, the fire that tries will not destroy thee;

The gold of purest manhood shall remain.

There is a mountaintop of holy vision

Where thou canst glimpse the love of God for man

And lay thy burden down in self-surrender,

Willing at last to serve His holy plan.

Pure Song      
1958, p. 2082

I  know song

without singing   

even a note;

heard without ears

voiced without


I  know

pure golden melody

poured from above;

an outburst of harmony

from the great heart

of Love!

1960, p. 713                         

I longed to serve my God,                             

but saw before me  

only menial tasks. Chafing and tearful, 

these I did,                             

until I came to see                               

that there was beauty hid  in work well done.    

I yearned to serve His Christ,  
but there were those 

who greatly needed me. 
In caring for them, I learned

and selflessness.     

Rebellion disappeared.                    

I longed to serve my God.                

At last, I thought,                  

I'm free.  "Now Lord,

may I not give my all to Thee?"                

His answer made me smile, 

so tenderly it came: "Beloved,               

you have been serving all the while."        

Household of God  
1961, p.808

May I know all loved ones

as they are known of Thee,

Dear Father, may I know

these children dear,

and all who enter here

as Thine, not mine.

Thine own dear sons.

In my thought may they be

released from mortal birth,

from taint of earth,

from fear, concern, anxiety.

Even from natural pride,

may I be free.

From all that cruel creed insists,

may I desist; know them instead

as fellow saints.

and always in my concept

may they be,

even as I am, Lord,

maintained by Thee.

This Day    
1962, p. 409

This day can ask no more of us than we can give.

In the infinitude of Life divine we live.

With the omniscience of the Mind of God

There is a fold, a safe and lovely dwelling;   

We know just what to say and do and where to go.


1967, p. 466                        

Father, if they only knew                        

the dear rewards which come   

from serving You  --

if they could only find   

the blessings You so bountifully give;  

the peace of mind,     

the inspiration bright, the inner song,  

the life unburdened, free   

from sense of wrong  ---  

then would they understand how small the price,   

how large the good that flows into our lives  

from sacrifice. 

What Love Imparts     
1981, p. 1223                 

Not only by how                                  

I think - or pray -                                

when I'm striving to find the way           

does the impartation of Spirit's ray              

illumine my consciousness today                                                         

What Love imparts                       

comes silently,                          

as I turn from self                            

and, willingly,                                 

meekly acknowledge                         

perfection to be                               

the only reality                        

of you, and me.

A Definition
1983 p. 409

More than

    prayer is

More than
               prayer is

Love's Doing
1986, p. 381     


by dailiness of life?                        

Routine of chores,

the treadmill of                                

sheer / mere / existence;                        

    the tediousness of                        

    life in matter and                        

    its care-taking-         



    of boredom / dullness / sleep?

Then, lift your head!                        

let Truth and Love

bring sweet release --                     

not from the tasks,                        

    but from the thoughts                                  

    that bind you to the flesh.               

    Ascend! Rise up, be free!                  

   Then will you do your daily thing                           

His Nearness       
1989, p.41-8

God's nearness

does not come

and go . . .

His goodness
will not, ebb . . .

And flow.

His hereness

is not now, 

and then,  

going and

coming back


When His oneness

fills our sight,

His All-allness

dispels our night.


The REAL You

1989, p 34-16

You have shown so much

of your heavenly self

in the kindly things you do

that when I see its opposite

I know it isn't /

can't be/ never was/

and never will be